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Welcome to the first alpaca farm in South Carolina!! Greg and I bought our initial alpacas, 2 bred females and a gelding, in January of 1997 from Lanark Alpacas in Charlottesville, Virginia. We were in love with our fluffy, wonderful alpacas and couldn’t wait until they were here, at our farm. We hurried to finish the barn and put up the fencing.

Finally, in July, they were delivered and what a shock…they were shorn and skinny and very funny looking. Our first look at a shorn alpaca and we must say we were a little taken aback! Did we really want to show these to our friends? The next shock came when we proceeded to leave the gate open and our new alpacas escaped for a romp around the "unfenced" pastures. Needless to say we were the quintessential neophyte farmers.

We have learned a lot since those first months with alpacas. We have learned that they are a gentle and curious animal, each with a unique personality. We have learned that, while easy to care for, they hide illness well necessitating a lot of interaction to make sure no one is acting slightly strange. We have learned that what it says in the herd management books is not necessarily, always, true. For example, "Alpacas have their cria before noon." We’ve had the 2 pm, the 4 pm and the 6 pm births. We have learned to pay close attention to our soon to be mothers but, sometime that cria just comes when you least expect it. We’ve learned about genetics, fiber and better breeding practices. But the best thing we have learned is that alpaca owners are the kindest people of any industry or organization we have been involved with.

So, after 8 years, 30+ alpacas come and gone, traveling to shows, facing the sorrows of lost alpacas, reveling in the joy of a new birth, scooping a lot of alpaca beans and attending regional meetings and seminars, would we do it again? Absolutely, and we invite you to visit our website and to visit our farm to get your own taste of the wonderful alpaca life.

The Farmhouse at Bush River
An Irish Bed and Breakfast

3111Hwy. 56 South · Clinton, South Carolina 29325
Phone: 864-833-1215
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